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Lil' Red & Buster's group photo

Lil’ Red & Buster

2 Adult Males

  • Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Currently Attending: SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue
    Field of Study: Undecided
  • Favorite Food: Almost any type of vegetable, Oxbow pellets, Picky Piggy Mix by Food4Buns

Here’s what SCGPR has to say about them:

Lil Red & Buster were taken in by the rescue after we got a call that they were living outside (summer with temps at 100 degrees) because the owner’s three year old child wouldn’t stop terrorizing them 🙁 .

They were well taken care of and loved but they were starting to exhibit some personality changes as a result of the trauma (fear & hiding). We would like to place them in a home without young children so they can continue to enjoy a more calm environment. They need a 4×2 cage or larger as well. The previous owner did go to Petco and bought Lil Red as a buddy for Buster after his friend died. Considering only about 20% of male pairings work, we are astonished these two get along as well as they do. They get on each other’s nerves occasionally so a big cage will help them a lot. With all the above back story, they are great boys. They are curious and mellow lap pigs. The previous owner also had a 12-year old who handled them and would put costumes on them and brush their hair and play with them so they are very easy going and sweet.

They are being fostered in Los Angeles.

SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue

What They Need From You:

  • 8+ years of love
  • hay all the time, any time
  • at least 13 square feet of indoor cage space to run & play whenever they want
  • regular boar cleanings & nail trims
  • vet care when needed

What they will contribute to your team:

  • 8 years of non-judgemental love
  • hilarity
  • cuddles
  • free entertainment

Think Lil' Red & Buster will be a good fit for your team?

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