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Zushi & Mr. Helper

2 adult males

  • Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Currently Attending: Southern California Guinea Pig Rescue
    Field of Study: Undecided
  • Favorite Food: the basics! (Lettuce, bell pepper, cilantro), also mint

Quoth SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue:

Meet Zushi & Mr Helper!

These two brothers were at a local shelter for nearly a year. Adopted once and returned through no fault of their own, they sat at the shelter for months.
Dedicated shelter volunteers worked to socialize them and recognized what sweet and special boys they are.

Since joining the rescue, we have also come to know how special these two are.
They are so playful and love wheeking for veggies and piggy safe treats (see our website for our list of approved treats)

They would LOVE a home with a nice big c&c cage, lots of unlimited orchard hay, oxbow pellets and fresh veggies.

We would love to see them find their forever home!

SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue

What They Need From You:

  • 8+ years of love
  • hay all the time, any time
  • at least 10½ square feet of indoor cage space to run & play whenever they want
  • regular boar cleanings & nail trims
  • vet care when needed

What they will contribute to your team:

  • 8 years of non-judgemental love
  • hilarity
  • cuddles
  • free entertainment

Think Zushi & Mr. Helper will be a good fit for your team?

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