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What if animal shelters & rescues were educational institutes, and animals graduated and found jobs by getting adopted?

Had a dream one day that Mocha (GGD’s founder) was a graphic designer and she paid me (web developer) to build her site. It turns out, there were some big, glaring PHP errors on her site. She found these out just as she had one of her clients at her office, and they were going through her site together. She called me and demanded to know what was going on. But I was nowhere to be found. 😬

But when I woke up, I thought “what if pets had office jobs?”

(There was also another dream I had where Mocha had a job again—dunno what it was, but she wore these black, “business lady” looking shoes (dunno what they’re actually called but they’re the same ones Tatsumaki wears in One Punch Man).

Interns are fosters that have been pulled out of the shelter by a rescue.

Not all fosters are interns. Some fosters are still are a part of the shelter system, and had go into foster for medical issues, had to work out some behavioral issues, etc. In this case, these fosters are more like students who needed one-on-one tutoring.

Btw, I haven’t taken on shelter fosters in a while (since before covid), so all of my recent fosters have been interns.


We still have a Redbubble store!

FYI, all proceeds from the store go towards SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue!

So I’m one of the fosters. You can ask them about me (Tracey from Ventura County).

If you’re not convinced and think I just might take the money and run, you can always donate to them directly. Since I’m not making money off of GGD, it doesn’t matter to me whether people buy my stuff, just as long as you’re helping guinea pigs in need! 💗

If you have a question about the image quality of the artwork on your order (ex. too pixellated, blurry, etc), you can contact me directly through Redbubble.

If you have a question about shipping, quality of products (not related to the artwork), billing, you should contact Redbubble (since they print everything and ship them out—I just make the artwork). Check their help center first for your question and if that doesn’t help, you can contact them directly.

Art-Related Questions

Most of these were created with Photoshop’s vector pen tool, and then eventually Illustrator.* My ultimate dream was to get an Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet to use with Photoshop, but that never happened due to money issues. I ended up getting a much cheaper knock-off brand, that one day, decided to no longer work anymore (and the manufacturer’s site is completely…ded, as in, completely blank).

*The #1 reason why my illustrations look the way they do is because it was the easiest for me to draw with vector tools.

I replaced it with an iPad Pro, and while the battery life isn’t that great during long drawing sessions, and can get hot occasionally, it’s been great because I can draw on the go (at people’s houses, adoption events, etc).

Start taking art lessons. Use references (photographs, sculptures, etc). And also? Practice.

I’ve found it’s helpful to get the basics down first of human anatomy, real life objects, etc, before developing your own style (this is where the references part comes in).

(Note that this is just for drawing still images. If you want to know about animation, I won’t be able to help you there, sorry! 😬 I never learned how to animate, except maybe a bouncing ball in Flash.)