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Guinea pigs aren’t as popular pets as dogs or cats, or even rabbits, so tracking supplies and other info down for them is a bit tricky. This page was created to help with that (or at least, give you a starting point).

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Guinea Pigs 101

Guinea pig care has come a long way. They’re becoming less “kids’ pets” and more “grown-ups’ pets” or “family pets”. Here are some links with info on caring for your pig:

guinea pig with a laptop, helping with online research
2 guinea pigs eating vegetables

Adopt a Guinea Pig (or Two*)!

Right now, Southern California only

*Guinea pigs are social animals, so reputable rescues won’t adopt out single pigs unless if you are looking for a buddy for an existing one.

Buy Hay

Guinea pigs need hay 24/7 for dental care as well as digestion.

FYI, unless if you’re looking to give hay to a young guinea pig (under 6 months), you should be giving grass hay (like timothy or orchard), not alfalfa.

Some places you can buy hay in bulk:

big pile of hay ready to be distributed

Find a Vet

You can’t just take a guinea pig to a normal dog/cat vet. Guinea pigs have very different biology, immune system, digestive system, etc. So a vet that is knowledgeable in “exotics” is needed.

If there are absolutely no vets in your area, see: Finding a Vet

3 guinea pigs leaning forward

But, wait! There’s More!

For more links, check out SCPGR’s resources & links page: