VENTURA COUNTY, CA— New Guinea Generation has gone through some major changes. With the sudden retirement of three of our team members this year, followed by the hiring of two new ones, the face of NGG has almost changed. First off, after faithfully serving NGG for 6 years, Cookie decided to retire early this year in April. In December, after sticking with us for 8 years, Belle decided it was time to leave as well. Two weeks after Belle’s retirement, Rose decided it was time as well, after being on our team for 4 years.

With the three gone, Bianca couldn’t run NGG by herself, and we realized we needed to start hiring again.

“NGG is a very big company for one pig to run,” Bianca G. Pig, Managing Diva commented. “I’m only one guinea pig. I can’t be expected to handle all this on my own!”

SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue had these 5 badass little girl pigs, who had a wild time getting to SCGPR, so they could enter their next stage of life.1 2 3

When they were ready for graduation (and jobs), SCGPR contacted us about two of the 5 who might be a great fit for our team. Interviews will held, and it was a success! Tulip G. Pig is our new Junior Diva, while Lilo G. Pig is the company runner.4

When asked about their new positions, Tulip responded, “I am very proud to be chosen as part of this team,” she said. “How can there only be one diva here?? That’s ridiculous! 😤”

When asked for a comment, Lilo said “I…don’t know. I just know I need to run away by any means necessary when that big human hand comes toward me. I guess I’m good at my job? 🤷‍♀️”

NEW GUINEA GENERATION is a guinea pig owned company, located in Southern California. Founded in 2004, NGG has hired over 10 guinea pigs from various shelters and rescues, and has been voted for Best Cavy-Owned Business by the Four-Legged Friend Business Awards in 2014.