Cashew G. Pig, age 4 of Camarillo, CA passed away peacefully on April 8, 2022 at East Ventura Animal Hospital, surrounded by the loving EVAH staff.

He will be cremated and ashes sent back home.

Cashew was born on December 16, 2017. When he was about 6 months old, he was purportedly left in a box at a park with a “Free” sign. The RP (“reporting party”) found him and brought him to the local animal shelter, where he was sent to foster care. He happened to resemble a previous guinea pig the fosterer had (Peanut) in looks and personality. And because of that, the fosterer had him neutered so he could be introduced to a couple girl guinea pigs (Peppa & Cookie) the fosterer had. The intro went well and he was adopted.

Having a trio worked out great for the fosterer, because Peppa eventually went to the rainbow bridge to join her BFF/soulmate Peanut (the same Peanut Cashew resembled), leaving just Cookie & Cashew, and the fosterer didn’t have to worry about finding another roommate for Cookie. Cookie & Cashew were a team. They went through a lot together (being ambassadors at Rescuecon for bonded guinea pigs, vacationing in the living room, etc). When Cookie went to be spayed, Cashew was absolutely DEVASTATED that she was gone during the surgery, and went into full blown panic mode. When she returned, he was ecstatic she was back (and did zoomies, bounced all over the cage, popcorned), but was bothered by the fact that she was on the OTHER side of the newly placed divider, and wanted to file a complaint. Luckily for Cashew, this arrangement was only temporary until Cookie could get her sutures removed.

In May 9, 2020, a new girl (Rose) was introduced and they gladly welcomed her to their team, making them a trio again. Cashew LOVED Rose (and honestly, I could tell whenever Rose was in heat by the way Cashew kept chasing and mounting her 😐).

Cashew is survived by his two roommates (Cookie & Rose).