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Ziggy & Raya

Ziggy & Raya

1 neutered male & 1 female

  • Male
  • Age: 1 yrs
  • Currently Attending: SoCal Guinea Pig Rescue
    Field of Study: Fitness
  • Favorite Food: Romaine lettuce & pea flakes



My name is Ziggy and this is my new little lady friend Raya.
A couple of months ago I was neutered so that I could live with some lady piggies.
I met Raya and it was love at first sight.
She is so funny and pretty and within 20 min of meeting her the nice ladies at the rescue saw me popcorn for the first time!
The rescue ladies think that I am about a year and a half old, and little Raya is maybe 6 months old.

I am an Abyssinian guinea pig and Raya is a Teddy. Teddy guinea pigs are so soft and they have curly little whiskers. They can get dry skin so they need to be brushed and bathed from time to time. Especially as we get older.

We would really like a home with some people who do not have small kids and who have experience with guinea pigs. Because of Rayas special breed the rescue ladies are going to make sure our new home is able to give both of us the care we really deserve.

I will let you pet me inside of the cage and LOVE cuddling. Raya likes cuddle time too although I think I like it more than her.

Anyways, thanks for reading and we hope that our new family is out there waiting to adopt us!

Ziggy G. Pig

What They Need From You:

  • 8+ years of love
  • Hay all the time, any time
  • at least 13 square feet of indoor cage space to run & play whenever they want
  • regular grooming & nail trims
  • vet care when needed

What they will contribute to your team:

  • 8 years of non-judgemental love
  • hilarity
  • cuddles
  • free entertainment

Think Ziggy & Raya will be a good fit for your team?

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